Demystifying SEO #1

The SEO industry speaks its own language just like any other industry. Sometimes, SEO agencies will use this against their clients. Lately I’ve seen a lot of SEO sites advertising a fee to get your website indexed in Google in 48 hours.

In Australia this fee goes up to $150!

What does “indexed” mean?
Indexed only means that Google has visited your website and can probably now place you for your company name, unless your company name is not unique. It does not mean within 48 hours you will appear in Google search results for any of your keyword phrases.

Indexing generally occurs when the search engines follow a link to your website. If there is not one link to your website it will take roughly 2-4 weeks to get indexed by Google if you have submitted your website via the add url tool. But remember, indexing doesn’t mean anything.

As a general rule of thumb it will take up to 6 months in Google Australia to have your new website return any decent results in the search engines. In it will easily take up to a year or maybe more depending on the competitiveness of the industry.

So why would you pay to have your website ‘indexed’? Yes, why would you indeed? At BlackMax Media we place all new website clients in our web design portfolio page, so when Google indexes our site it will follow a link to our clients website and they are indexed.

So, if your agency offers to have you indexed in 48 hours for a fee don’t do it. Jump over to Google’s add url tool and do it yourself. Let me say it one more time, indexing just means Google has visited your website – it does not mean search engine results.

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