Negative Keywords for AdWords Ecommerce Campaigns

If you’re running an AdWords campaign for an online store, there are generally a list of keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear for.

I was looking for a generic list on the net to compare with mine and couldn’t find one, so thought it was time one went out there to get you started.

Download it here Campaign negative keywords report

You might notice I’m a bit of a meanie, but I don’t want my ad money to pay for someone to find out the best way to charge one of my products, or instructions on how to use it. Some of you may disagree with the vs, versus etc or the videos, as people comparing products are at the beginning of the sales funnel and might be worth grabbing, but personally I find the conversion rate on these types of searches really low. I’ve had more success writing a blog post about product a vs product b. Get a lot more traffic and it’s all free!

Of course, this list is specific to my ecommerce business in that I don’t wholesale and I’m not a distributor so before you just copy and paste it into your negative keywords, make sure you delete those that don’t apply.

BTW I have a heap of discount codes for AdWords campaigns so if you want one send an email to and I’ll email you a code – they are only for new campaigns.

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