SEO sensationalism in the Daily Telegraph

Oh dear, The Daily Telegraph is writing about search engine optimisation. For you out of towners, The Tele is a lowbrow newspaper, which capitalises on sensational articles. This article appears in their “Business Owner” section and is verging on advertorial since it was written by a chappy who is director of a Sydney internet marketing agency.

Mmm, of course I am jealous that this chappy has got a heap of free advertising, but it’s rather disconcerting he forgot to mention when selecting a firm to carry out SEO, it’s important to see how they rank. In his case, I can’t see his firm in the Top 100 for:

SEO Sydney – we are number 3 11
search engine optimisation Sydney – we are number 9 4
search engine optimisation – we are number 69 (yes it’s the thorn in my side…) 25! Holy Toledo Batman!
SEO – we are number 33 30
organic search engine optimisation – we are number 3
natural search engine optimisation – we are number 5
Updated 24 July

His article is titled “Get noticed by Google” yet Google hasn’t noticed him.

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