Monthly Income Reports May 2013

Every week we get hopefuls contacting us to build their new blog so they can make money online like these rockstars. We don’t build websites of this nature as it’s not financially viable for either party (go and sign up with BlueHost), but I’ve always wanted to tell people “do you know how much work is involved?” and “it will be like you are working blind for several months before you see any traction.”

I’m not trying to put you off, but provide realistic expectations of the work you have to do upfront (sometimes for years) before you can slack off and enjoy margaritas in the sun…

If you are thinking about making money online, these online monthly income reports are a great place to start. Honest breakdowns of how some of the biggest (and smallest) names in internet marketing make their income.

Have a look through their history so you can see how long it took them to get where they are.

I’ve decided out of personal interest, it will be fun to chart them over the next few months to see who is making improvements in their monthly income. And it will be a great resource to compare them to each other!

Blog Gross Income for May 2013 Niche Up or Down from last month?
Smart Passive Income $66,582 Online Marketing Up
Empire Flippers $78,704 Online Marketing Up
Leaving Work Behind $8,318 Online Marketing Up
Pinch of Yum $7,093 Cooking Up
Matthew Woodward $5,432 Online Marketing Down
Niche Pursuits $474.76 Online Marketing Up

It’s no surprise that the majority of these blogs make their bulk of their money from BlueHost. BlueHost’s free site builder means you can really have a wordpress blog and domain name set up in about four minutes, just by clicking some buttons. Even my mum could do it!

From a business perspective, it’s a good lesson to see those that make the most money have the most income funnel streams. A reminder to spread your risk and not put all of your eggs in one basket.

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