Monthly Income Reports June 2013

All right, so we’re back again this month to check up on monthly earning reports from blog earnings. I recommend you check out Pat’s Smart Passive Income page and Pinch of Yum for their commentary.

Blog Gross Income for June 2013 Niche Up or Down from last month?
Smart Passive Income $61,101 Online Marketing Down
Empire Flippers $??? Online Marketing Can’t get pages to display
Leaving Work Behind $8,887 Online Marketing Up
Pinch of Yum $8,673 Cooking Up
Matthew Woodward $9,366 Online Marketing Up
Niche Pursuits $407 Online Marketing Down

Again, most of these people can thank BlueHost for the majority of their earnings. A lot of people think Amazon when they think affiliate earnings, but I think it’s really important to note the commission fees on Amazon are so low it takes a lot of sales to really make profit.

Having said that, I threw up an affiliate site a few years ago that was dedicated to one product which was unavailable online in Australia. With just three pages, a product name keyword domain and Amazon it made around $1300 in six months without me having to do anything. My investment was about $50 for domain/hosting and $20 for a couple of poorly written cheapo articles. So not a bad return on investment considering I didn’t have to do anything. Needless to say, all easy things must come to an end, I had a warning letter on the product name keyword so decided to take the site down…

BTW, if you are looking at these and thinking they are years ahead, you could always buy your way to a semi-passive income over at

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