SEO & Online Marketing Consulting is back!

So after a little time away, tinkling on my own ecommerce shop, I’ve returned to provide online marketing consulting services to Digital Finery clients. I’ve seen such bad SEO provided to some of our clients over the years and have had to hold my tongue as I didn’t have the time to provide assistance. But no more tongue holding!

I’m back to steer your website into the right direction to get more organic traffic and make more sales. It’s not just SEO, think of it as more holistic online marketing. I’ll look at your traffic, your site, the technical aspects holding it back, your content, your email newsletter strategy, your competitors, your PR and probably point out some really obvious things that deep down you’ve known all along.

If you’re wondering what the heck your SEO company has done to your site, or simply want to make sure you’re not on track to receive a Google penalty I can do all that and more.

My consulting services are suited to small businesses where you can do most of the legwork and you need steering in the right direction. Online retail is my speciality! If you can’t do the legwork, we can always sort out a cost-effective solution for you.

You’ll get my 20 years of marketing experience, 11 years of online marketing and SEO, and five years as a manager/owner of an international online retail store.

I have a few spots left for regular consulting, but be quick. I’m only dedicating limited hours to consulting each week.

Contact us for more information.

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