Universal search results for Google Australia

Last night I saw the first universal search results whilst using google.com.au. I was searching for a song and one of the results on the front page was an embedded YouTube video of the song.

A reminder that when you put video on your website – make sure you title screen is not black. Put your logo or marketing message in before the video starts – this is what the user will see – a black screen is not very appealing to click on.

Back to the universal search results, I would have expected to see a link to a song file, not a pirated site, but something legit like a 15 second grab. Remind me, who owns YouTube again? Ah, that’s right, Google. And when did universal search come about? About 6 months after the purchase of YouTube. Mmm, I’m sure universal search has been a long time coming, much as the purchase of YouTube.

Let me know about your experience with universal search – do you see YouTube too?

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