Hot Hot Hot Web Design Trends 2011

Full Screen Web Design

The field of website design is constantly changing, with the availability of new technologies providing a sometimes challenging environment for web designers. Over just the past decade, we’ve watched the internet rise from nothing.¬† Very few other industries can claim such a dramatic rise.

Currently, website design is morphing into an entirely new technology as developments enable an increasing amount if interactivity between users and computers. New interface options, such as multi touch interfaces, have led developers and designers to a whole new area of design, as has how we handle ecommerce web design.

Some of the other things that are hot among  web designers are high end artwork and front pages that pop off of the screen. Aesthetics and design have always been a huge part of web design, but there is a return of focus right now. Part of the reason may be the fact that people are going big with their monitors. As the average monitor size grows, there is a trend to use huge images and huge text that seems to jump right off the page and into the viewers psyche. If you want to make an impact, this is a great way to start.

Magazine Web Design

The other thing that is gaining serious popularity is magazine style layouts. Using blocks of independent text and large headers has worked for years in the printing industry. With the appearance of larger screens, there is more space for designers to work with when laying out a website. Using white space to break up text and images is a great way to increase a site’s usability and readability.

Website design is a constantly evolving practice that is providing designers more freedom as the way that people are accessing the internet continues to change. While there is a growing trend toward larger monitors and therefore larger designs, keep in mind that the use of mobile devices is also on the rise. This means that web design is now a two-fold practice. Going bigger is what counts for desktop browsers, while compact designs that load quickly are the key for catering to the mobile crowd.

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