Google’s Caffeine: Will It Make You Twitchy or Tweety?

The much talked about Caffeine algo update is released today and most SEO’s are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what this will mean to their websites.

It is expected to reduce the phrase “It will take 6 months to index your new site”. In theory new sites should be in the listings as soon as they are indexed. Twitter posts will be just about live. Actually, you should be able to watch them. If you Google “caffeine google” right now and probably for the next week or so you will be able to see the Twitter results scrolling along. Which makes it pretty hard to game in terms of getting a static ranking for a tweet.

Does this mean the end of the “Google Sandbox”?

It’s hard to tell. Really I think Caffeine is just going to pull in more news and social media results, that is results that are following a trend, rather than make much of an impact for business to business websites where the content only changes monthly at best.

Of course we will be experimenting with some of our sites to see how we can benefit from this new change.

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