Google Insights – New Keyword Search Query

Google have added a new Beta tool called Google Insights for Search. It’s sensational. With a quick search you can see the regional differences between keywords. For instance, in the last 30 days more people in Victoria are searching for SEO than those in Sydney. And according to this tool, no one is searching for “search engine optimisation” anymore, interestingly it seems “search engine marketing” is no longer popular either (which kind of goes against my other data).

It’s a quick tool with an easy to understand graph that should really be used for more less serious searches or in this case political searches, so here goes. Over the last 90 days more people in Northern Territory, Tasmania and SA have been searching for “Olympics” than those in the Eastern Seaboard.

Olympic searches via Google Insights

But when it comes to “Tibet”, the Eastern Seaboard leads the way, with no searches from NT or Tasmania.

Searches for Tibet from Google Insights

I’ll let you make your own assumptions…

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