I have better things to do on a Friday night thankyou Google Maps

I was following up with our friends of Google to see if Rob’s Google maps business listing has returned to normal (read here). No, it’s got worse, the mother ******* Nestsoft people have hijacked my mother ****** listing as well.

If you do a search for businesses on http://maps.google.com.au/ and type in SEO as the service and Sydney as the location, you’ll see our friends of Nestsoft appearing in the number four spot : Nestsoft Web Development, Designing, Seo Services…mother ****** (Gordon Ramsey can fill in the *******)…

Now I’ve just noticed I can claim this listing – it has a sparkly “NEW” link next to it. Even though it’s already in my Business Centre, anyway I’ve gone through the whole claiming and filling in details again – thinking it will all be sorted when I get the phone clarification straight away – only to find I can’t do phone clarification – it’s disabled. Mother ******! I’ll have to wait weeks for the mother ******* postcard.

The race is on.

Who will be quicker:

  • Snail mail or
  • Google Maps or
  • Google AdWords (yes, I also wrote to them as they disapproved one of my local business ads based on mismatching business name)

Sadly my bets are on snail mail.

Even sadder: it’s Friday at 7.55pm and I’m still at my computer…

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