Writing for Search Engines 101

Actually, I lie. It’s not writing for search engines 101, it’s laughing at those who have followed parts of that subject religiously. I happened to stumble across this site this afternoon, http://www.mywebsitedesigner.com.au/

For those of you who are too lazy to click on the link, let me show you their first two paragraphs, I’ve gone to the effort of highlighting their keywords, just in case they don’t stand out for you:

Melbourne website design & search engine optimization services are just a few of My Website Designer Australia's award winning website design services.

We have worked with Melbourne website design clients, Sydney website design clients, Brisbane website design clients & International website design clients to create beautiful, easy to use, Google friendly websites that can help your business succeed online.

They’re offering search engine optimisation, which I’m sure includes their excellent copywriting services.

OK, the way Google’s ranking at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the first page. I’m going to monitor these guys and report back…soon…

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