Web Design Myths Busted

If you are designing a new website and show it to anyone I guarantee they will have an opinion on it. It could be as simple as “that logo needs to be bigger” or “that green doesn’t look right with the green in the footer” or bizarre like “Throw in a kitten, too. Everyone loves kittens!

You need to visit UX Myths. Here are all of the myths you’ve probably heard before like “White space is wasted space” and “Accessibility is expensive and difficult” and very good reasons why these are just myths. UX Myths debunks many myths your clients and critics may have about your web design and will allow you to try and remove the emotion involved in web design.

My favourite: People always use your product the way you imagined they would. Getting your mum or dad to use the sites you build will open your eyes to how different generations navigate their way through the www.

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