Online Retail to take off in Australia

I say this every year, but this year it seems people are starting to agree with me. We are just so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to online retail, there’s still so much room for online stores to get in now and dominate.

We’ve already seen an increase in enquiries into development of online stores, with a lot of interest in Magento eCommerce. As Jack Aboutboul, the Community Engineer at Red Hat says,

“Magento is going to win the eCommerce software war, hands down. I’ve never seen another ecommerce platform well architected and well designed as Magento.”

The folks over at StartupSmart Daily have figures to make your head spin about the increased spend in Australian online retail. Read about online sales doubling from $16.9 billion to $33.3 billion over 6 years.

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