Using Twitter for Business

I’m still sitting on the fence regarding the use of social media for B2B online marketing. However, Twitter have created Twitter 101, a guide to encourage you to use it for your business.

They provide some novel examples of how Twitter can help your business. Well worth a read to see if there could be something in it for you.

I think if you have a retail shop, either online or offline, it would be worth tweeting about any sale or special offers you have – especially if the sale is only for a day, but again, that is B2C, not B2B – so I move back to the fence…

Read Twitter 101 for Business

BTW – sorry for delay in posts. We’ve been busy – BlackMax Media has merged with CodeSense to create a new company called Digital Finery! So now we provide SEO, online marketing, web design and development with the added touch of software and application development.


Smart Company also have an inspiring list of 55 things your business can tweet about.

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