JC Penney unlaunches in Australia

It felt like only a few blogs ago we were blogging about the expensive shipping fees with the launch of JC Penney and there was some hefty discussion about this issue. So it’s sad that already they’ve closed their doors after only two months in Australia.

I’m sure it wasn’t the hefty shipping fees, but the miserable Australian dollar that played the biggest part in the demise of JC Penney.

I’m hoping now DJ’s and Myer don’t think they don’t have to play in this online space. There really is a niche there, but it needs to be onshore so postage is ridiculous and doesn’t take weeks. All online retailers should take a leaf out of Zodee’s book. I ordered some products over the weekend and they arrived on Monday – less than a day later. That’s the most impressive online experience I’ve had in a while…

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