Web 2.0 and social networks (possibly the blandest title ever)

I’ve avoided the web 2.0 blog for about as long as I can. I’m not about to give you my take on what is web 2.0 and what is just technology advancing, however just so we’re both clear, I am going to talk about social networks which are pretty much at the heart of any decent web 2.0 project.

With new social websites popping up every day, as an SEO, it is hard to keep your finger on the pulse. Social websites can be super ways of giving link love and creating a buzz about your business or website. So I thought I’d share this link with you from iMedia. They’ve unveiled some social sites I’ve not heard of before, although mostly they seem to be a spin-off of Facebook or Second Life only better. I don’t get Second Life and I still can’t understand why Telstra poured all their money into a location that appears to have less than one visitor per hour, as Australia only has 3000 registered users on Second Life – do you really think they want to hang out with their ‘favourite’ ISP???

So, here is the link http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/16028.as.

Be warned, if you get trapped in a Facebook-like time vortex you only have yourself to blame.

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