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Digital Finery is a member of the Web Analytics Association
Web analytics track the behaviour of visitors to your website. Analytics provides information so we can optimise your website for increased conversions and sales.

Step 1: Define what we want the visitor to do

We start by setting up a goal, such as completing a contact form or making a sale. Then we set up a funnel on how to achieve that goal.

Step 2: Increase website conversion rate

The average conversion rate is 3%, however this rate varies greatly between industries. We look at a range of factors such as how customers navigate through your website and what keywords convert most frequently to maximise your website for higher conversions.

Step 3: Test, repeat, test, repeat, test, repeat

Websites with high conversion rates continually repeat this process. We don't guess what will work better, we test what will work better.

We use a variety of tools like Google Website Optimiser and Heatmapping software to see what your visitors are up to.