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After receiving some really encouraging feedback to our first summer newsletter, we're pleased to bring you the second installment.

We're still figuring out what will be most useful to you so you will notice the content sections changing every season as we continue to test what works.

Your feedback is more than welcome, we want this newsletter to be a really interesting read for you, not just another newsletter that you chuck in your junk folder!

Another reason to stay subscribed, our Winter edition will include a new regular feature. We're giving away a bottle of Henschke...find out more below.

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We are on a mission to grow our newsletter list. We know how busy your inbox can get, so in return for reading our useful newsletter we're giving you the opportunity to win a bottle of Henschke each quarter. Starting with our next edition, we will randomly choose a winner and post you a lovely bottle of plonk.

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A bottle of Henschke
The Google Corner
Is it just me or all we all addicted to Google?

We figure this will be a regular feature as there is always Google news we want to share with you.

This season we look at how Google are improving the data they display in Google Webmaster Tools. They are now showing Clickthrough data for organic traffic.

What this means is you can now see what keywords your website appears for, where your website appears in search results, and how many times people click through to your website from the search results. Read more >>>

Digital Finery are MailChimp e-marketing experts
Time for some news...Digital Finery have been designated the only MailChimp experts in Sydney, and one of only three in Australia by MailChimp themselves. This means we can set up an e-marketing newsletter campaign for you that is truely effortless (for you!).
FREE $100 AdWords Credits
Google have given us more $100 AdWords credits. These expire by the end of June 2010 so please contact us if you would like to try AdWords risk free.
Adwords qualified individual, Google
You know we love to help, so we’re dedicating a bit of this newsletter to your questions. If there’s a technology or internet question that’s been bugging you let us know and we’ll see if we can answer it. Write to

Q. What’s the deal with open source CMS software?
A. Open source software is gaining in popularity due to the fact it is free from licensing fees. Open source means the code is open to anyone to enhance, modify, create modules or add-ons. A lot of popular open source content management systems have large communities of highly skilled developers creating applications they share with the wider community. Digital Finery are planning to release our own open source CMS later this year.

Did you know big organisations like Nike, BBC, Amnestiy International, Yahoo and NASA use open source CMS?

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